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Diabetes kidney disease
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Diabetic Nephropathy Treatments-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

What Causes Seizures during Dialysis

Although dialysis is commonly used in kidney failure patients to help them reduce the elevated creatinine level as well as alleviate some poisoning symptoms. However, patients are more likely to experience some adverse effects during the process of dialys...more

What is the Alternative Treatment to Dialysis

It is commonly thinking that dialysis is commonly believed to help kidney failure patients keep away from various complications and symptoms, so as to live a better life. However, dialysis also makes patients suffer from various adverse effects. Therefore...more

Is There Any Way to Stop Dialysis

It is commonly believed for dialysis patients that dialysis makes patients experience many adverse effects and these adverse effects decrease patients life quality and life expectancy severely, therefore, they are wondering that is there any way to stop d...more

Is There Any Treatment for Kidney Failure Patients Except Dialysis or Transplant

In western medical filed, dialysis and kidney transplant are commonly used in kidney failure patients, they help patients excrete wastes products and live a better life. However, a patient is wondering that is there any treatment to deal with kidney failu...more

How Long Can I live with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

kidney failure treatment...more

Can Kidney Failure be Cured without Kidney Transplant

treatment ...more

Can Chinese Medicine Treat Skin Itching with Hypertensive Nephropathy


How Can I Get off Dialysis in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

treatment ...more

Is There Any Treatment for People who are Going Through Dialysis to Stop It

treatment ...more

Can Stage 4 Kidney Disease be Reversed in China

Stage 4 kidney disease has been considered as the second stage of renal disease and they need to take effective measures as soon as possible to prevent further damage. While, is there any chance to reverse stage 4 Kidney Failure in China ? For stage 4...more

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