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Diabetes kidney disease
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Diabetic Nephropathy Treatments-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

What are the Chinese herbs for Treatment of FSGS

In fact, FSGS is a serious issue, which will develop into kidney failure easily. Since there is no current illness treatment help patients treat kidney disease fundamentally, more and more patients are trying to use Chinese herbs to treat FSGS. If you als...more

What Herbal Medicines are Best to Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Generally speaking. Stage 4 kidney patients are already at the second advanced stage of renal disease. And they need to try their every effort to slow down illness progression and prevent further damage. While, patients have irresistible urge to know what...more

What is the Recommendations for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is characterized with severe swelling, proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperkalemia. And steroids treatment is commonly used in patients helping patients alleviate serious clinical symptoms. Patients are wondering that what is the recomme...more

How Can Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients Get off Dialysis

Hi, doctor, I have stage 4 chronic kidney failure, how can I get off dialysis and they say if I go off dialysis, I can only survive 1-2 weeks. This is a patient left his message on our website. Do you have the same question, if so, please add WhatsApp/Vib...more

What are the Best Treatment Options of Creatinine 2.2

Creatinine 2.2 refers to that you are at the early stage of renal disease, which requires patients receive treatments as soon as possible to prevent further damage, otherwise, it will develops into advanced stage of renal disease. Therefore, patients are...more

Is There any Chance to Recover Kidney with 20% Functioning

In medical filed, 20% kidney function means that you are at the stage 4 kidney failure which is the second advanced stage of renal disease. While, is there any chance for kidney failure patients suffer from 20% kidney function? If you also have doubt, ple...more

How Can I Make the Disease Kidney Work Again

Once kidney failure occurs, the kidney can not work as it should do, as a result, your life quality and life expectancy is decreased seriously, as a result, patients are wondering that how can they make the diseased kidney work again. Given that more and...more

Can Patients with Creatinine 8.6 Survive without Dialysis

In fact, high creatinine level is a common sign of kidney failure, which makes patients experience a slew of discomforts on the body. Besides, dialysis is commonly used treatment to help patients reduce high creatinine level. While, due to various reasons...more

Is There Any Alternative Way to Lower Creatinine 7.8

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients, which indicates that there is something wrong with your kidney function. As dialysis is no longer the only way to reduce high creatinine level, more and more patients are trying to...more

Any Suggestion on Nausea and vomiting in Dialysis Patients

In clinical, dialysis is a treatment to help patients alleviate some clinical symptoms, however, a number of patients also suffer from nausea and vomiting. Why does this happen and is there any suggestions or adverse on nausea and vomiting in dialysis pat...more

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