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Diabetes kidney disease
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Diabetic Nephropathy Treatments-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

What are the Ways to Improve 20% Kidney Function with PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease is characterized with numerous cysts filled with fluid on the kidneys. As time goes by, the cysts will affect kidney function easily. 20% kidney function refers to that patients condition is already at the advanced stage of renal...more

What is the Best Alternative Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 2.1

Nowadays, steroids treatment is still the common treatment for patients with IgA Nephropathy. Although steroids treatment takes quick effect to help patients temporarily, it is aggressive and it also makes patients experience many adverse side effects. Th...more

What Treatments Could Decrease Creatinine Level in Blood Naturally

Usually, patients with high creatinine level are more likely to go through many poisoning symptoms. The poisoning symptoms decreases patients life quality a lot. At present, patients are wondering that what treatments could decrease creatinine level in bl...more

Can Patients with Creatinine 400 Do Not Do Dialysis

Dialysis is a very common treatment to reduce high creatinine level so as to slow down illness progression. However, although dialysis takes a very quick effect to reduce high creatinine, it also makes patients go through many adverse effects. Therefore,...more

Immunotherapy for CKD with 15% Kidney Function

CKD refers to chronic kidney disease. Without effective management, your kidney function becomes less and less. 15% kidney function refers to you are already developed into advanced stage 4 kidney failure. They are wondering that how Immunotherapy treat C...more

How Can I Avail the Toxins-Removing Treatment to Treat Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a medical term which is used to described to clear away various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. With the deposition of toxins in blood, patients are more likely to experience various poisoning symptoms and complica...more

How to Stop Headache after Dialysis

Headache is commonly experienced in dialysis patients. Although dialysis helps patients alleviate some clinical symptoms temporarily, it also makes patients go through many adverse effects, headache is the most common ones. Headache affects patients life...more

Would Dialysis be Advised for Patients with 30% Kidney Function and Creatinine 306

30% kidney function refers to that there are only 30% kidney function performing, therefore, most of kidney function is damaged, which affects patients life expectancy severely. Given this, patients can not help thinking that would dialysis be advised for...more

How to Recover from IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 4.59

I am suffering from IGA nephrothapey and my cretinine level is floating from 2.59 to 4.59, I want to know how to recover from that. Are you suffering from the same problem ? Please contact Online Doctor directly. IgA Nephropathy appears when too many IgA...more

When Should PKD Patients Start dialysis

Not all patients with polycystic kidney disease have to do dialysis, but in most cases, PKD progresses into renal failure gradually, as a result, patients may be recommended to do dialysis. Therefore, patients are wondering when should PKD patients start ...more

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