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Diabetes kidney disease
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Diabetic Nephropathy Treatments-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Treatment Suggestions to Relive Headache with Chronic Kidney Disease

Headache is a common sign of kidney disease. Therefore, you should not neglect unexplained headache and delay the treatment. The condition in kidney disease is mainly attributable to the following causes. 1.Waste product accumulation. If you are on di...more

How to Relieve Poor Appetite with Diabetic Nephropathy

Description: Diabetic nephropathy is a progressive kidney disease caused by damage to the capillaries in the kidneys glomerulus It is characterized by nephrotic syndrome and diffuse scarring of the glomerulus Clinical symptom During its early course, ...more

What Treatments Can I Take to Ensure High Creatinine Go Down

High creatinine level is a common sign of kidney failure. Once creatinine level increases, it indicates that at least 50% kidney function has been lost. Therefore, you need to take effective measures timely to prevent high creatinine level from raising. B...more

Creatinine 8.30 with PKD: What Should I Do Now

Polycystic kidney disease develops into kidney failure easily without proper management. Once high creatinine level occurs, it means that your kidney is already damaged. Creatinine 8.30 means that lots of kidney cells and tissues are injured or even dead....more

The Treatment Method for Kidney Failure with Creatinine 7.5

High creatinine level is commonly experienced kidney failure patients, which makes patients experience a lot of discomforts and symptoms. Creatinine 7.5 means that you are at stage 4 kidney failure which is the second advanced stage of renal disease. What...more

What Should I Do with Creatinine Increasing to 9.6 from 5.9

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients, which makes patients suffer from a lot of symptoms and discomforts. Besides, creatinine level keeps increasing if the damage can not be controlled effectively. High creatinine level...more

Are End Stage Renal Disease Patients About to Go to Dialysis

End stage renal disease describes as the worst kidney function, which allows too many wastes products and toxic substances to build up into your body. As more and more wastes products build up into your body, dialysis would be placed to excrete various to...more

Whether It Is Possible for Stage 3 Kidney Failure Try with Toxins-Removing Treatment

Toxins-Removing Treatment is the newest treatment in our hospital, which helps patients deal with various kidney diseases, therefore stage 3 kidney failure patients can try with Toxins-Removing Treatment. Kidney failure means that diseased kidney allows t...more

Is Toxins-Removing Treatment Effective for Kidney Function Working at 66%

66% kidney function refers to that illness condition is progressed into stage 4 kidney failure which is the second stage of renal disease in which dialysis and kidney transplant are needed to slow down illness progression. Recently, they are wondering tha...more

Is There Any Possible Way to Treatment Aside from Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

Generally speaking, dialysis and kidney transplant are the major treatments for kidney failure patients. Although dialysis and kidney transplant can benefit patients at some point, they also make patients experience some adverse effects. Patients are eage...more

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