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Diabetes kidney disease

Can Creatinine 2.82 in Diabetes Become Normal

Patients often suffer from high creatinine level earlier than patients with other illness conditions. As a matter of fact, creatinine 2.82 indicates that patients illness condition is still at the early stage of renal disease. If they receive treatments i...more

How Can Your Hospital Treat Diabetes Patients with Dialysis

Nowadays, diabetes is already becoming the second leading cause of kidney failure. When they become to suffer from various poisoning symptoms and complications, they need to do dialysis to maintain their life. While, patients are eager to know how can you...more

Is Immunotherapy Available for Diabetic with Creatinine 7.3

In clinic, diabetes is the second leading cause of kidney failure. Due to uncontrolled blood sugar in blood, patients suffer from kidney disease easily. As dialysis and kidney transplant are no longer the only options for patients, they are eager to know...more

The Natural Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Failure with Diabetes

Stage 3 of kidney failure has been considered as the key stage of kidney disease, requiring that patients receive treatments to avoid further damage. If they receive timely treatment, the disease state could be reversed noticeably, but if they do not ...more

Any Treatment for Diabetes with Creatinine 7.6 Other Than Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

In clinical, patients with diabetes often start dialysis earlier than patients with other illness conditions because they are prone to suffer from complications. Due to various reasons, more and more patients are trying to stop dialysis or kidney transpla...more

The Treatment for Proteinuria with Diabetes

Sir, I have problem of passing too much protein in urine, can you help me with that? This is a message left by a patient. Do you have any problems about proteinuria with diabetes? Please click the chatting box over there or scroll down to contact with onl...more

How Do We Prevent Diabetic with Protein from Leaking into Urine

Diabetes refers to too much blood sugar deposited in blood circulation, which makes patients experience some changes on your body, protein in urine is the most common ones. Therefore, patients are wondering that how can they prevent protein from leaking i...more

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