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Diabetes kidney disease

Is There Any Way Help Patient Stopped Producing Urine 5 Years on Dialysis

Hi, My mom has just stopped producing urine after 5 years on dialysis, is there any way can help her live better this is a message left by a person whose mom is a kidney failure patient. If you want to consult something with us, please contact Online Doct...more

Is There Any Natural Treatments to Deal with Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a kind of progressive illness condition, most of people may consider that kidney transplant and dialysis are the only treatment options, nowadays, more and more patients are inclined to choose natural treatments to deal with kidney failu...more

Is Kidney Transplant Possible for Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients

In stage 5 kidney failure, the kidneys almost lose its all ability to keep you health. As the kidney can not work well, another kidney would be needed to replace the diseased kidney, therefore, kidney transplant is often suggested for patients. While, pat...more

Why Kidney Failure Patients are Losing Their Appetite

Losing appetite is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients. To a large degree, losing appetite decreases your life quality severely. Therefore, they are eager to know why kidney failure patents suffer from losing their appetite and more importantl...more

At Level of Serum Creatinine 8.1: Can I Go Dialysis

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in kidney failure patients and they need to try their best to slow down illness progression as much as possible. While, at level of creatinine 8.1, can patients go for dialysis? Now, this article will explain...more

Will Toxins-Removing Treatment Fit for Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients

Stage 4 kidney failure has been considered as the second stage of renal disease and they need to receive treatments urgently to prevent further damage. Recently, patients are wondering that will Toxins-Removing Treatment fit for stage 4 kidney failure pat...more

How Long Can You Stay off Dialysis with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Generally speaking, most of patients do not suffer from poisoning symptoms until it progresses into stage 4 kidney failure. As poisoning symptoms occur, a treatment is needed to replace the work the injured kidney have stopped doing. Even though dialysis...more

Does Chinese Herbal Treatment Fix Kidney Disease Problems

As Chinese herbal treatment gained much prominence in the world, more and more people are trying to use it to deal with kidney disease problems. While, can Chinese herbal treatment fix kidney disease problems? Please add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008618203203...more

Is There Any Other Way to Prolong the Life Expectancy of End Stage Renal Disease

End stage renal disease is a illness condition which is the worst kidney function. Besides, their life expectancy would be affected severely. Commonly, dialysis and kidney transplant are the two common used methods to help patients prolong their life ...more

Is There Any Solution for Dialysis Patients Due to Kidney Failure

In very general conditions, dialysis is applied in kidney failure patients to help them excrete various toxins out of body and relive various poisoning symptoms. However, it is commonly experienced in patients that they are bound to experience various poi...more

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