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Diabetes kidney disease

Is It Possible To Reverse Renal Damage Caused By Hypertension

There is nothing change for us in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but, it is especially for a Jenny who comes from India. When she was hospitalized in our hospital that her fate start to change completely. What do you think...more

How To Solve The Stubborn Edema With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Edema is one of the typical Symptoms, which severely affects the appearance of the patients. Although edema causes no pain to the patients, but, which indicates that there is a serious problem with renal function. Therefore, all nephrotic syndrome patient...more

Must I Accept Dialysis In Kidney Failure 4 Stage

Kidney failure 4 stage is the end stage renal disease, patients commonly are in low kidney function, GFR is less than 10%,they maybe have some complications, so dialysis is recommended in this stage. All kidney failure 4 stage patients want to know that M...more

How Can We Delay The Process To Kidney Failure 4 Stage

Kidney failure 4 stage is the end stage renal disease, lots of toxins and excess wastes build up in body, which causes a series of complications. We should clear away toxins, excess wastes, immune complexes, which help stop the damage to kidney again. Oth...more

How To Purify The Pollution Blood Without Dialysis

Dialysis has been regarded as the only way to purify the pollution blood. But with the development of Medical Technology, it has changed. How to purify the pollution blood without dialysis? You can following this article to get the answer, or you can cons...more

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