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Diabetes kidney disease

Is Kidney Transplant The Last Option For End Stage Renal Disease Patients

In most countries, doctor will recommend kidney transplant for end stage renal disease patients, so all kidney failure patients think that kidney transplant is the last option, are there any other treatments for end stage renal disease patients? Following...more

Improvement Is Not Good After Dialysis: Chinese Medicine Improve Kidney Function

In most conditions, patients are in end stage renal disease that they are in low kidney functions, lots of toxins and excess wastes build up in body. GFR is less than 10% and dangerous complications that doctor will recommend dialysis or kidney transplant...more

How Long Can The Congenital Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients Live

There is no cure treatment for congenital polycystic kidney disease patients, but it is not a fatal disease, its development is slow, light and light degree varies from person to person. Therefore, how long we can live cant be generalized. Some patients w...more

Is It Good In Long Time Dialysis: How To Avoid Dialysis

What are the complications of dialysis? How to avoid them? 1) dialysis use syndrome: mainly caused by the application of new dialysers and pipes. 2) pyrogen reaction: usually not used, high fever can reduce dialysis temperature, antiamine drugs, hormones...more

Can Kidney Failure Be Cured By Chinese Medicine

There are lots of people in kidney failure stage, all patients want to cure kidney failure disease, following this article to know whether kidney failure be cured by chinese medicine, or you can consult online doctor in free. 1. Firstly, we should know th...more

Chinese Treatments Help Kidney Failure 5 Stage Avoid Dialysis

Renal failure is a pathological condition in which the renal function is partially or completely lost in the development of various chronic renal diseases. Kidney failure 5 stage is the end stage renal disease, patients are in low kidney function, GFR is...more

Can Chinese Herbal Medicines Recover Kidney Function In End Stage Renal Disease

End stage renal disease is the last stage of kidney disease, doctor will recommend dialysis or kidney transplant in low kidney function and complications. So is it possible to recover kidney function? Can chinese herbal medicines recover kidney function i...more

PKD Patients Are In Kidney Failure 5 Stage: How To Relieve Back Pain

Polycystic kidney disease patients commonly have back pain, due to kidney cysts are big enough. All PKD patients want to shrink kidney cysts naturally and relieve all the complications, so how to achieve that? You can consult online doctor in free, or fol...more

How To Possibly Cure Kidney Without Dialysis: Chinese Medicine Treatments

Kidney is very important for every body, which has no replacement to balance your healthy. Kidney is damaged that your normal life will be affected, so we should save our kidneys for a longer and better life. After improving kidney function and controllin...more

Chinese Medicine For Kidney Disease: Reverse Kidney Failure 4 Stage To 3

Once kidney is damaged that there is no way can recover kidney function to normal level. So why we accept chinese medicine? Why can it reverse kidney failure stage? Where can i get the chinese medicine? Following this article to get the answer, or you...more

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