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Diabetes kidney disease

How To Avoid Dialysis In Kidney Failure 5 Stage

Kidney failure 5 stage is the end stage renal disease, kidney is damaged that there are lots of toxins and excess wastes in body. Patients are in high creatinine level, which is easy to cause a series of complications. So doctor will recommend dialysis or...more

What Medicine Help Dialysis Patients Prolong Life Expectancy

Dialysis is recommended in end stage renal disease, kidney function is very low in this stage. Lots of toxins and excess wastes can not be eliminated out through the damaged kidney. So kidney disease patients will accept dialysis for prolonging life expec...more

What Should We Do If The Creatinine Has Already Been 750

In clinical, creatinine increases means that your kidney is damaged. But for some patients, kidney is damaged that creatinine maybe in normal. What we can make sure that high creatinine level, your kidney is damaged seriously. Kidney function is very stro...more

Is Dialysis A Must For Creatinine 7.3

In most countries, high creatinine level is almost the only indicator for dialysis. However, it is not right, whether you accept dialysis that depends on lots of factors, and dialysis is not the only way for end stage renal disease patients. Creatinine 7....more

Some Remedies Increase Urine Output For Dialysis Patients

In most conditions, end stage renal disease patients commonly choose dialysis for prolonging life expectancy. But, urine volume will be more and more less with dialysis going by, so how to increase urine output? Urine means that there still are blood in k...more

Creatinine 2.7: How It Will Be Treated Without Dialysis

Creatinine 2.7, high blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, swelling, protein 3+, how it will be treated without dialysis? Can it be cured? The illness conditions of the patient are very serious, there are lots of protein in urine, she also has high blood pres...more

Can I Get Rid of Kidney Transplant In Kidney Failure 5 Stage

Kidney failure 5 stage is the end stage renal disease, GFR is commonly less than 10% that doctor will recommend kidney transplant for a longer and better life. In most conditions, the new kidney can live 5-6 years, only 1% patients can live more than 10 y...more

Can Chronic Kidney Failure 3 Stage Accept Toxins-Removing Treatments

Once patients are on kidney failure stage that it means 50% kidney function in patients. Patients will have a series of symptoms including: proteinuria, swelling, fatigue, weakness and so on. Following this article to get the answer that can kidney failur...more

Foot Bath Help Reduce Creatinine 3.9 Naturally

Creatinine 3.9 is very high for kidney disease patients, due to the damaged kidney that lots of diseased and dead cells and tissues can not work, so there are lots of toxins and excess wastes in body, which will cause the creatinine level go up. Following...more

How Can You Increase Urine Output

dialysis patients maybe have less urine or no urine, so they all want to increase urine output. Following this article to get the answer on how to increase urine output, or you can consult the online doctor. Urine means hope for dialysis patients, which m...more

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