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Philippines Patient with Chronic Glomerulonephritis Have Chinese Medicine in China

2014-09-15 17:09


COUNTRY: Philippines

AGE: 26 years old


DIAGNOSIS: chronic glomerulonephritis(CGN)


I am only 26 year old sunny young patient from Philippines. Years before, i was diagnosed with Chronic Glomerulonephritis. Feeling life is full of haze. My loved mother worried me day and day.

Since then, i am unable to say good bye to various test,medicines,therapies etc.However,sad to say no effect.I can understand my local doctors want to improve my condition.The truth is cruel.The longer i received treatment in the Philippines.My condition got more and more serious.Almost lost my life.


A coincidence of opportunity, i know about the hospital. In the help of all the Chinese Doctors, i came to China for my last hope. When i came here, i find that i loved it so much. The hospital is very large. It is indeed the largest kidney disease hospital in China. Patients from all over the world, like a small UN.Doctors and nurse smiled all the time making us feel at home. Everywhere is clear and shining.


When lived in the hospital. I was treated by detailed treatment plan made by many famous experts. Such as Professor Zhao, Professor Zhang etc. And the therapies are also effective enough. After about 3 weeks treatment, the size of my kidneys increased from 7.5cm to8.7, 7cm to 8.2cm. And my Ccr increase from 12ml/min to 32. And my serum creatinine reduced from 4.6 to 1.9.

In a word, after coming here, my therapeutic effect is better and better. I have already seen the hope of life. My mother is also very happy.

Life Now

Now i live a happy life with my family. I play with my friends and have many hobbies.

After this experiene, i hope all the patients can get better and better.

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