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A Marvellous Chinese Medicine for Kidney Failure Patient From Iraq

2014-12-16 15:15

Name: NA****H

Gender: Female

Age: 62 years old

Country: IRAQ

Diagnosis: Chronic Glomerulonephritis,Kidney Failure,Renal Anemia,Hypertension

9 years ago NA****H found protein in her urine, Creatinine level 86umol/L, Diagnosed chronic glomerulonephritis. 5 years ago she has a cold and her urine test her proteinuria 2+, creatininel 350umol/L. The doctor give her some Western medicines, but her condition not be controlled very well.

One week ago, her condition get worse, after exhaust she fainted , her blood pressure is 150/90mmHg, Creatinine level 1400umol/L, BUN 50mmol/L.She Refused to have dialysis and search natural treatment online, then she come to our hospital on 24th November.

When she come to our hospital she has a coma because the high level creatinine,and she vomiting a lot that makes she very weak.The worse thing is she dont have urine output.

After 20 days treatment in our hospital, NA****H’s condition has been improved obviously. her creatinine level decreased to 259, which made her very excited. Her blood pressure has already decreased to 120/90, Her urine output increased 500. Her appetite has been improved, her body become more stronger, now she can take care of herself.

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A Marvellous Chinese Medicine for Kidney Failure Patient From Iraq

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