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Natural Way Reduce High Creatinine 1500 in China

2014-10-23 11:02


Gender: Female

Age: 50 years old

Country: NIGERIA

Diagnosis: hypertension, Kidney Failure,Renal Anemia

Why Come to China:

15 years ago Hadiya have headache because tired, she do to the hospital find her blood pressure was 220/120mmHg.13 months ago she suffer high fever,lots of foam in her urin,her creatinine level increased.

One month ago, her condition get worse. She Nausea, vomiting a lot, The creatinine level was 1500umol/L and swelling in legs. she take dialysis for treatment.

Hadiya came to our hospital when she search natural way to lower creatinine . Dialysis can not reduce her creatinine level effectively, then she come to China.

After more than one month’s treatment in our hospital, Hadiya’s swelling has been improved obviously. And after she left our hospital, her creatinine level decreased to 521, which made her very excited. Her blood pressure has already decreased to 140/90 when she left our hospital, and after a period of treatment at home, her blood pressure is 120/80, which is an ideal value.

Conditions before and after treatment:
Natural Way Reduce High Creatinine 1500 in China

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